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Samantha Bee releases Star Wars-inspired teaser for her upcoming talk show

With less than a month before the release of the first Star Wars movie in a decade, there’s little point in trying pull attention away from that pop-culture juggernaut, even if you do have a brand new late-night talk show that you’re getting ready to debut on basic cable in just a few months. The people behind TBS’s upcoming Full Frontal With Samantha Bee seem to understand that pretty well. Hence, this Star Wars-themed teaser for the show.


In the 1 minute, 44 second spot, a hooded Bee walks into an establishment reminiscent of the Cantina from the original Star Wars full of lots of alien creatures and starts hawking her new show. But then things start going wrong—and keep going wrong—with her not-exactly-a-lightsaber space sword. The whole thing is a bit more parody than satire, but the production value is pretty high, and it seems to be a good indication of what we can expect come February, as far as sketches go.

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