At the end of its second season, BBC America’s clone thriller Orphan Black set off a bombshell, introducing a line of male clones (played by Ari Millen) to go along with Tatiana Maslany’s female duplicates. Picking up the pieces makes for a scattered opening to season three—but never fear, because DVR Club is here to help you find meaning in the mess. To that end, Erik Adams and Laura M. Browning use their discussion of “The Weight Of This Combination” to introduce a breathtaking, no-stakes feature to DVR Club—Plot Gauntlet—and squirm their way through a gory Inanimate Object of the Week.

And don’t forget to read Caroline Framke’s review of the season premiere, in which she makes a little more sense of the storyline pileup. “It’s not nearly as strong a premiere as last season’s explosive chapter, which was a brilliantly efficient runaway train,” Caroline writes “but it’s still as focused of an episode as we could ask for after the second season’s chaos escalated to such dizzying heights.”