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Roommates is somehow a real show

Roommates: They can just be so zany sometimes, you know? Like when you say, "Who drank all the milk and put the empty container back in the fridge?" And they're all, "What are you talking about?" and "Ask us again, but zanier."

Or when you're like, "Instead of paying the electric bill, let's all go have a foam party in the bathroom!" And your roommates are all, "I'll bring the umbrella!" "I'll bring the pail!" "I'll bring a newspaper so I can sit precariously on the edge of the tub holding a newspaper!" and "I'll bring the hot pink claw-foot tub!" Because you live with the zaniest roommates in the world, and everyone can relate, because that's just how roommates are.


Well, at least that's how they are on ABC Family.

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After seeing this ad and this promo for Roommates, I just have two questions for ABC Family: "Seriously?" and "Where is Aunt Sassy?" Clearly someone at ABC watched a few episodes of The Comeback and was inspired by Room & Bored, the hack-sitcom-within-the-reality-show-within-the-very-funny-HBO-show, because Roommates is basically that faux show realized, hackery and all.

It's strange because watching The Comeback, I always thought that Room & Bored was the weak rung on the Hollywood satire ladder that was that show. Sitcoms like Room & Bored just weren't being made anymore, and so it just felt like a half-formed Friends joke that never really got off the ground. But now the existence of Roommates has proven me wrong. Thanks, ABC Family.