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Rihanna takes a shower in this teaser for Bates Motel’s final season

With only one season left, Bates Motel is just going for it in its latest teasers: Norma Bates’ taxidermied corpse, Norman Bates more unhinged than ever, and Rihanna—playing future murder victim Marion Crane—checking in for a very famous shower. And yet, it’s a testament to Vera Farmiga’s wonderfully deranged performance as Norman’s mental mother that there’s nothing crazier in this promo than the sight of Norma Bates biting into an apple, like the world’s most passionate advocate for keeping the doctor away. That lack of qualified medical professionals will probably be a problem (especially for Marion) when Bates Motel returns for its final bout of madness on February 20 on A&E.


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