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As Rick And Morty’s sole composer, Ryan Elder has been responsible for the show’s most iconic and moving musical moments. Because we’re huge fans of his, Elder invited us over to his L.A. studio to talk about his personal favorite musical moments from the show’s history.

5. The Arbolian Mentirososians’ best effort from “Get Schwifty”

“I purposely made it as dumb and cheesy, and rudimentary as possible.”

4. The Rick And Morty theme

“I originally wrote it for a different pitch that Justin was doing for a different network. [The show was about] a world where dogs have evolved from men, kind of.


3. “African Dream Pop” from “Rick Potion #9"

“I had to go and figure out what [African dream pop] meant and basically invent a genre that was a joke, but had to sound like a real genre that was believable.”

2. “Unity Says Goodbye” from “Auto Erotic Assimilation”

“I spent a lot of time crafting [the music], making sure that the emotion really came through.”


1. “Goodbye Moonmen” from “Mortynight Run”

“Rarely do I think my music is as good as ‘Goodbye Moonmen’ ended up being.”


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