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Though Silicon Valley season three ended with another miraculous, last-minute victory for the Pied Piper (now part of Bachmanity LLC) team, this first look at the new season is kind of ominous. Richard announces that he’s stepping down as president, which is more of a bummer for Dinesh, Erlich, Gilfoyle, and Jared than the fact that he wants to keep the Pied Piper name. But while that may remove the appearance of any impropriety or incompetence at the top of the Pied Piper chain of command, it doesn’t do much for Richard, who’s left to figure out what his next big innovation will be. In the middle of kicking holes in walls and trying to dream up “a new internet,” he does appear to have some kind of inspiration—why else whoop it up with Jared in the garage? (We mean, besides the obvious). We’ll find out when Silicon Valley returns on April 23.

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