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Reality becomes an illusion in the Mr. Robot season 2 trailer

Fsociety completed its mission. The world’s financial institutions were rocked by the group’s hack. Elliot Alderson learned Mr. Robot has been in his head all along (and, more startling still for audiences, that Darlene is his sister). Tyrell Wellick proposed a frenemy-style team-up with Elliot. Angela was recruited by the enemy. It was a mindfuck of epic proportions, and now, Mr. Robot is back for another season of international conspiracies and condemnations of global capitalism’s merciless exploitation.


The season two trailer doesn’t pull any head-scrambling punches, as Elliot reminisces on his three-day memory loss from the moment of Fsociety’s hack. Soon, we’re seeing images of a wholly unsettling nature, as the world seems to be fracturing into a blur between reality and illusion for more than just poor Elliot. Angela’s wearing a glassy-eyed stare, and Darlene’s back in the fray, insisting the members of the group won’t be going away any time soon. (Also, Obama himself calls out Tyrell Wellick, who presumably will have some trouble raising his son in peace.) It’s disorienting, compelling, and light on specifics—in short, it’s an ideal trailer for Mr. Robot, a show for which the phrase “the less you know, the better” has never more aptly applied. Grace Gummer joins the cast for season two, which you can begin watching July 13, unless this late-capitalist dystopia in which we live has crumbled beyond repair by then.

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