Netflix appears to be moving forward with plans to begin streaming Rob Schneider’s new self-financed cringe-comedy, Real Rob, in multiple countries beginning December 1. In fact, the people in charge of the streaming service seem so dedicated to making this supposedly “exaggerated yet brutally honest depiction of Schneider’s real life” available to worldwide audience, that they’ve gone ahead and released this teaser trailer, which they apparently believe will persuade subscribers to hit the play icon, even after having seen the part where the comedian calls claustrophobia “the gayest of all phobias” before pushing a terrified man in a bear suit down a flight of stairs. Though, it’s always possible that they’re under the impression that gags like that are selling points.

The series—which is seems designed to fit into the popular ‘actual celebrity plays fictionalized, overbearing version of himself and has implausible conversations with other celebrities who are playing fictionalized, overbearing versions of themselves and then also does some wacky stuff’ genre so popular these days, looks like it will feature George Lopez and Norm Macdonald playing fictionalized, overbearing versions of themselves.