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Rare Ed Sullivan clip revives the chaotic spirit of vintage Muppets

The Muppets’ new primetime series will drop the characters into a 21st century mockumentary, but a recent DVD release takes Kermit The Frog back to his variety-show roots. Long before he was talking to The Muppets’ confessional camera—or even hosting The Muppet Show—Kermit made the rounds on The Steve Allen Show, The Hollywood Palace, and The Ed Sullivan Show. In these appearances, Jim Henson and the Muppet team specialized in brief blasts of sketch-comedy chaos, which Henson summed up thusly: “It all ends in one of two ways: Either someone gets eaten or something blows up.” Try to guess which ending applies to this rendition of the classic Muppet routine “Music Hath Charms,” which is now available as part of Time Life’s 6-DVD set The Best Of The Ed Sullivan Show. Either way, it’s not ending with the frog delivering a sarcastic punchline to the camera.


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