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Raise a glass to your slowly draining coconut for the Castaways season finale

Matt Jaskol in Castaways
Photo: ABC

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Tuesday, September 18. All times are Eastern.

Top pick

Castaways (ABC, 10 p.m.): ABC’s answer to the “What if Survivor were LOST?” question reaches its conclusion with tonight’s season finale, where the contestants/survivors/scavengers/television personalities await their final rescue. While some elements of the series have been less successful than others—we had some difficulty accepting the idea that these people would spend so much time contemplating their solitude whilst surrounded by an army of cameras—but it’s had its charms, and since there’s no word yet on a second season, this may well be the last chance we have to see real people sitting on long beautiful beaches and thinking about purpose and failure and the pleasure of dry socks and stuff. If nothing else, these lonely islands are gorgeous.


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Wild card

Sorry For Your Loss (Facebook Watch, 10 p.m.): Facebook Watch has a show worth, ah, watching in this half-hour dramedy starring Elizabeth Olsen, Jovan Adepo, Kelly Marie Tran, and Janet McTeer. It’s a look at the nature and process of grief, and how it can transform those who experience it, from showrunner Lizzy Weiss (Switched At Birth) and writer-creator Kit Steinkellner (Z: The Beginning Of Everything). The cast alone makes it worth braving the 276 notifications you’ve received since you last logged on in August to check it out.

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