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Quick Heroes Reborn teaser is too short to disappoint you

Much like the original series itself, this teaser for NBC’s Heroes sequel/reboot/whatever starts off with so much promise. Look at those mountains! And that snow! Nature sure is a wondrous tapestry of beauty. But wait, there’s someone walking down there. Who are they? What are they doing? It looks like a girl in a parka, but who can say? What a tantalizing mystery! Suddenly, she starts waving her arms and manipulating the aurora borealis, which is pretty cool in a totally useless way. Then the camera starts pulling back and we see that she’s being watched by Jack Coleman’s HRG, easily one of the least stupid characters of the whole show, and that’s reasonably exciting. Hold on, though, because it’s not over yet! It turns out that HRG is also being watched, but by who? Is that Zachary Quinto? Nope, it’s his non-Quinto Zachary equivalent, Chuck‘s Zachary Levi—Quinto won’t be in it at all. Thankfully, the teaser ends there, long before any Heroes-related disappointment can set in. NBC will save that for this summer, when Heroes Reborn makes its glorious arrival.


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