If there's one thing that defines the kind of person you are, it's how you choose to order your hamburger at a carefully orchestrated lunch-time photo op. Right, Sean Hannity?

(via Huffington Post)

Look, Sean Hannity, I'm guessing by the whole "President Poupon" graphic that this segment was your attempt at humor, a light-hearted, though still angry way to sign off your nightly broadcast. But if you're going for laughs here, the whole "President Obama Fancypants likes Dijon" joke had already been made by several of your conservative pundit brethren by the time your show went on the air.


Instead, why not go with the spicy mustard angle? No one else has dared touch it, and have you seen those old French's Spicy Mustard  commercials? They're political comedy/punditry gold:         

"I hope you enjoyed that sexy burger, Mr. President. Next time, do us all a favor and get a room. Rawrrrr."