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Pull up a chair to the Chef’s Table: BBQ

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Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Wednesday, September 2. All times are Eastern. 

Top pick

Chef’s Table: BBQ (Netflix, 3:01 a.m., complete first season): An excellent trailer lives below. Its excellence will come as no surprise to anyone who’s watched Chef’s Table, Netflix’s flagship food show and the place from which this series springs. BBQ looks to be as stylish, intimate, and thoughtfully edited as its predecessors. But for those who haven’t had the pleasure, we feel duty-bound to impart this warning: Don’t watch a second if you’re not ready and willing to drool.

For their latest series, the folks behind Chef’s Table visit pit masters and chefs in the U.S., Mexico, and Australia, and while we’re also very interested in the people behind the food, we’re a little distracted by the food itself at the moment. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, we’ll have snacked and will be ready to dive into the first episode.
Can you binge it? Indeed. In addition to multiple seasons of original recipe Chef’s Table, you’ve also got Chef’s Table: Pastry and Chef’s Table: France awaiting you.


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Wild cards

Freaks–You’re One Of Us (Netflix, 3:01 a.m., premiere): Contrary to what its needlessly wordy name might indicate, this German film has a comfortably familiar premise: Someone living a fairly ordinary life winds up with superpowers and then has to decide what comes next. With great power comes great responsibility, etc. In this case, it’s a group of heroes, with fast food worker and young mom Wendy (Cornelia Gröschel) taking center stage.

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