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Preacher searches for God in season 2 trailer

If you parked your butt in a pew, i.e., a couch, for Preachers first season, then you know that Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy wiped the Annville dust off their boots and set off in search of the Lord Almighty at the end. We’ve already gotten a glimpse at what this road trip will entail, which is mostly drinking, fighting, and light blasphemy (okay, maybe not light). AMC’s just released a full trailer for the season ahead, and in this latest look ahead, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) shows off his Word Of God powers, which Tulip (Ruth Negga) notes should aspire to do more than make police offers hold hands. The Saint Of Killers also has a prominent presence throughout, but overall, it looks to be a colorful splash of fun, which is just what we all need these days.

Preacher is back in session June 25 on AMC.


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