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Powerless plays up the Batman connection in first trailer

Following the orgy of destruction that served as the climax to Man Of Steel, superhero franchises have become much more conscientious about collateral damage. That was what Captain America: Civil War was all about (aside from Cap and Bucky’s love affair); Zack Snyder also learned that lesson, moving Dawn Of Justice: Batman V Supermans big showdown to some uninhabited island where only sons of Martha live. And, as we see in the first Powerless teaser, even Bruce Wayne’s cousin is looking out for the little guy. Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk) runs the Wayne Enterprises’ subsidiary’s R&D department, which cranks out fairly useless items that are intended to offer some security to innocent bystanders, e.g., an umbrella that doesn’t prevent decapitation, but does shield one from all the dust. Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) believes her department can truly “change the world,” per the company’s motto, but it turns out that saying has little to do with Van’s philosophy for the company.

Powerless premieres February 2 on NBC.

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