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Portlandia asks, “What About Men?” in new season preview

It looks like IFC’s Portlandia is taking its break-up with Portland’s In Other Words—a.k.a., the basis for the show’s frequently visited feminist bookstore Women & Women First—pretty well. A new preview for the show’s seventh season show’s the store’s exterior, hinting at the setup for a classic Toni and Candace sketch. But then, the camera gets suddenly hijacked by a couple of dudes biking past. That’s fitting, actually, since the two men (Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, as usual) are talking about the male gender’s oppression in modern society—noting that “Men need safe spaces, too” and dishing on their love of Reddit.

It’s all a setup for another of the show’s signature musical numbers, which boisterously inquires, “What About Men?” Like the best Portlandia sketches, it starts out simply enough, reminding listeners “We’re people, too,” before veering off into the rights of guys named Dennis and the unfair way dudes are kept from giving birth. (Also, did you know that someday, every movie will be an all-female remake of another movie, and boys will grow up not knowing what it’s like to have a white male president?)

Portlandia returns for its seventh season on January 5, 2017.

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