Not content to merely play Metal Gear Solid for hours on end, your Playstation has begun creating its own original programming, and its first scripted series, Powers, is coming to the console in December.

Based on the comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis, the show will star Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward as non-super-powered cops who have to chase super-powered criminals. The source material gives reason for optimism, as does the cast, which also includes Eddie Izzard, Max Fowler (The Killing), Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones), Adam Godley (Breaking Bad), and Michelle Forbes (too many shows to list here). The trailer, however, inspires less optimism.


In between the requisite introduction of the characters and the premise, there’s a lot of heavy-handed, “hey, that’s the name of this show!” dialogue, and enough BWWWAMMMMPs to give Christopher Nolan a headache. The trailer also blows one of the big reveals from the comic, namely that Copley’s character is a former superhero who lost his… wait for it… powers. Hey, that’s the name of this show!

Still, it’s Playstation’s first time marketing a TV show, so it might be worth cutting them some slack and reserving judgement until Powers hits the… well, not the airwaves, but whatever you call it when your game console starts showing you TV shows. Whatever the midpoint is between “airwaves” and “Skynet,” Powers will show up there this December.