With NBC’s broadcast of Peter Pan Live! just around the corner, the network has released a quick teaser giving audiences a taste of what’s in store. Last year, NBC’s The Sound Of Music Live! garnered huge ratings despite middling reviews, so it seems that some people out there still appreciate a three-hour block of wholesome, family-friendly entertainment, unless they were all just watching so they could crack wise about it on Twitter. The teaser for Peter Pan Live! promises another earnest, unironic adaptation of a ’50s musical, with lots of bright colors, tights, and Girls star Allison Williams belting out “I Won‘t Grow Up” with a mild British accent.

Regrettably, the trailer only includes one line from Christopher Walken, and it doesn’t seem to be part of a song. Still, he deploys the kind of textured Christopher Walken impression only Christopher Walken can pull off. Those who are already composing cutting tweets about his portrayal of Captain Hook—or about any other parts of the show—are advised to put them aside until Peter Pan Live! debuts on December 4.