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PBS’ Hamilton documentary trailer is still the closest you’ll get to seeing Hamilton

For those who are past patiently waitin’ to experience Hamilton via more than just the cast recording and a few award show performances, PBS has you covered. While the channel isn’t airing the entire musical (although it was filmed with the original cast before they left), PBS has been hard at work on a highly anticipated documentary called “Hamilton’s America.” The Great Performances special is set to debut on October 21 and this first preview offers a glimpse of what viewers can expect from it.


It’s nothing too revolutionary, particularly for those who have already scoured the internet for Hamilton-related material. President Barack Obama jokes about the time creator Lin-Manuel Miranda first performed a song from the show at the White House back in 2009; someone compares Miranda to Shakespeare; and noted softballer Jimmy Fallon weighs in on the show’s historical impact. But the trailer does offer a sense of the behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and performance snippets that can be expected from “Hamilton’s America.” Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that no one makes a “room where it happens“ joke. Guess we’ll just have to wait for it.

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