In a typically hilarious and detailed blog post on his MySpace page, official A.V. Club pal Patton Oswalt goes on a verbal rampage about how you should give Watchmen a break. And even though he hadn't seen the movie when he wrote the blog post, he pretty much nailed it: Watchmen deserves a lot of credit for its ambition and lack of compromise.

Patton goes on to big up such A.V. Club friendly fare as Battlestar Galactica and Friday Night Lights, as well as Burn Notice, which I've never seen but is now going in my Netflix queue. Oh, and motherfucking East Bound And Down! If you're not watching that, you're a stupidface—it's been amazing.


In other P.O. news: He just recorded a couple of shows for a new CD in Washington, DC. Our man Scott Gordon was there and reports that it was "great" and included "some really weird sad stories from his early days as a struggling comic." Also: Patton will apparently be on an upcoming episode of Dollhouse, so don't give up on that show just yet! (I'm finding it quite entertaining, myself.)

Here's a link to Patton's review of the KFC Famous Bowl.

And a link to his entire blog post, of course.