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Patrick Stewart goes undercover as a woman in the Blunt Talk season 2 trailer

Patrick Stewart is back as the bombastic and deviant cable journalist Walter Blunt in the upcoming second season of the Starz original series Blunt Talk. If you enjoyed the madcap bacchanal nature of the comedy’s initial 10 episodes, you should be happy to find that this trailer for the next 10 promises more of the same, with Stewart enjoying a nice erotic spanking, partaking in a little gender swapping, and narrowly surviving a high-speed car chase, all in the span of 60 seconds.


After three seasons of the quirky but comparatively tame HBO series Bored To Death, it’s bracing to see writer/co-creator Jonathan Ames fully embracing his more prurient interests once again. The 52-year-old Jersey native with the sonorous voice of a Harvard professor made a name for himself with his 1999 one-man stage show, Oedipussy, in which he gleefully and hilariously recounted his many strange encounters with sex and drugs. With his new series, he seems to be pulling from that same well of experience, and it must be noted that Stewart makes a more fitting surrogate for the highbrow deviant author than Jason Schwartzman ever could. And that’s not even taking into account the striking physical similarities.

Blunt Talk will return to Starz on October 2.

[via Cinema Blend]

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