When Robert Kirkman isn’t busy overseeing his Walking Dead empire, he moonlights on Outcast, his comic-book series about demonic possession. Recognizing the monetization potential of adapting any Kirkman project for television, Cinemax recently shared a trailer for their upcoming series at New York Comic Con, and now they’ve kindly made it available online.

Outcast immediately introduces Patrick Fugit’s Kyle Barnes, whose wardrobe, five o’clock shadow, and body language all display the classic warning signs of somebody who has had a brush with demonic possession. (Flashbacks indicate a happier, less unkempt Barnes, so there will likely be a slow piecing together of how he became a forlorn slob.) Meanwhile, Philip Glenister’s Reverend Anderson is a man of God who sees a greater purpose in Barnes, a purpose that will likely involve administering some sort of demonic-immersion therapy. And the obligatory role of “prepubescent pawn of demonic forces” is being played by Gabriel Bateman, who will probably exhibit increasingly unsettling displays of Satan’s potent wrath. But the most prominent character in the trailer may be the setting of Rome, West Virginia, a cheery hamlet that looks as if it were designed by Grey Gardens’ Big Edie before suffering through a cycle of depressions and dust bowls.


The power of A.V. Club reviews may or may not compel you to watch Outcast, when it airs on Cinemax sometime in 2016.

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