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The downside to playing one of the great sitcom moms of TV history is that people are always going to want to cast you as such. And though Patricia Richardson left her mark as Jill Taylor—the compassionate, refreshingly independent matriarch of Home Improvement—she’s lead an impressive career that’s taken her far beyond Tool Time. In our latest edition of Random Roles, Richardson looks back on her eclectic resume, from her early days taking bit parts in future cult classics like C.H.U.D. and Christmas Evil (which she was surprised to learn counts John Waters among its fans), to her Independent Spirit Award-nominated work in Ulee’s Gold, and a memorable arc on The West Wing. She also shared a story from the set of Home Improvement* when some very real tears made her realize that Tim Allen was more than just a standup comedian. Most recently, Richardson brings it all full circle with her role as a mother in the indie comedy Cubby, which she tells us was partially inspired by her relationship with her own adult children.

*Stay tuned for a separate video piece this week where Richardson tells us the full story about how she knew it was time to leave Home Improvement.

Cubby is now playing in select theaters, and is available on VOD and all digital platforms.


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