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Pack your Rihanna costumes, stacks of money, and the year 2005, we're going to a cheeseball hotel bar in Abu Dhabi, Ladies!!

Just when you got the "poo-keepsie in her pants" pun out of your head, the new trailer for Sex & The City 2: The Re-Sexening is out. This time, the schlocky ladyism is so thick you can cut it with a knife—then stab it over and over again until all the gross displays of uber-wealth, "naughty" cocktail consumption, and cliches have bled out and it stops moving. But at least in this sun-bleached, bedazzled sequel, we finally get to find out what happens after you say, "I do": You and your three best gal-pals pack your most glamorous Rihanna costumes, several hundred stacks of cash, and the year 2005, and jet off to Abu Dhabi to hang out in hotel bars and cheesy mega-clubs that, frankly, could be anywhere. Oh, and maybe your ex-boyfriend is there too so you can contemplate cheating and therefore give the plot some kind of conflict. Woo! Marriage is, like, so hard, y'all!

So basically this is like Couples Retreat, but without the husbands and with a much bigger caftan budget. I wonder if the gals will play Guitar Hero.   


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