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Over 21? Then get ready to die in the trailer for Netflix’s Between

Be careful what you wish for, especially if what you wish is for every single person of legal drinking age to die horribly. (Although if that’s your wish, you’ve got some issues that go beyond being careful.) That’s the scenario that unfolds in the trailer for Netflix’s new series Between, premiering on May 21. A horrible plague kills off all the adults in the town of Pretty Lake, which is surprising, because you’d assume there were already no adults around when someone decided to name the place “Pretty Lake.” Quarantined and scared, the remaining youths have to figure out how to survive. So, kind of a Lord Of The Flies-meets-Under The Dome type thing. However, this isn’t the standard Netflix “all at once” episode dump. The channel is rolling out new installments weekly, so get ready to have to wait patiently, like a binge-less sap, or everyone on Earth prior to the last decade or so.


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