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Orphan Black’s season four trailer goes stumbling down the rabbit hole

Utilizing the tried-and-true “take a thing for kids and then say it in a creepy voice” approach to TV and film marketing—looking at you, Age Of UltronOrphan Black is gearing up for its fourth season with a good old-fashioned Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland homage. Featuring star Tatiana Maslany—still so good at this whole “Clone Club” thing that the consistently high quality of her performances is almost becoming kind of rote—reciting lines from Lewis Carroll’s classic story of the dangers of unbridled curiosity, the trailer doesn’t give away much in the way of the upcoming season’s plot. But hey, it looks like stuff is going to be on fire, which is exciting, and someone’s going to be wearing a super-creepy sheep mask (presumably as a reference to Dolly the sheep, queen of cloning). We’ll know more about these wacky, fire sheep-containing adventures when Orphan Black returns in April.


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