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Oprah tells Lindsay Lohan to cut the bullshit in trailer for Lindsay's bullshit

As it turns out, helping Lindsay Lohan break a cycle of reality show drama by giving her a reality show may not have been the answer Lohan was only temporarily looking for, because she’s totally fine and starting fresh now. Or at least, that’s what’s suggested by this trailer for the new OWN series, Lindsay, which attempts to help Lohan escape the quagmire of her many personal problems by wallowing in them as though they were her own sick—not unlike the harsh strategies employed by the rehab Lohan doesn’t need anymore. In it, she fights with her parents, her sobriety, her assistants, her responsibilities, etc., until finally the everlasting word of Lindsay Lohan being difficult reaches Oprah Winfrey, who acknowledges that “this is exactly what everyone said was going to happen” but that she refused to believe it, while also relying on it for entertainment value.  “You need to cut the bullshit,” Oprah declares to Lohan—though presumably, not before the season finale.


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