Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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PlayStation 4 Slim - Uncharted limited edition bundle ($299.99)


Along with a slimmer version of PlayStation 4, this bundle includes Uncharted, which we named one of our best games of the year so far. In his review, Zack Handlen says that “at heart, [it’s] a pulp story about lost treasures, pirates, and a pair of brothers who love them both.” The bundle is 25 percent off, or you can buy the game by itself for nearly $20 off the regular price.

Hitman Collector’s Edition ($80.77)


We wrote that “Hitman’s emphasis on disguise and infiltration, its sleek presentation, and its gritty tale of information smuggling and corruption are clearly meant to evoke the likes of Mission: Impossible, but in execution, it instead recalls Naked Gun. If that sounds like condemnation, rest assured, it’s intended as high praise.”

Dinosaurs With Jobs: A Coloring Book Celebrating Our Old-School Coworkers ($6.17)


Although the “adult coloring book” trending is getting tiresome, this looks like an old-school coloring book—that celebrates old-school co-workers. If you buy this, please report back, because it looks strange and delightful: “Dinosaurs work hard for a living, and their efforts deserve to be recognized. This coloring book features 20 examples of the dinosaur driving instructors, dog groomers, astronauts, tech support specialists, and more whose work makes our world a better place.” From the same writer who brought us Unicorns Are Jerks.

4M Robotic Hand Kit ($7.99)


Just imagine all the weird pranks you can pull after you build this thing.

Star Wars Chewbacca pillow buddy ($14.99)

At 22 inches tall, this Wookiee is the right size for your kid’s bed or your Star Wars-themed guest room. More impressively, this pillow buddy averages four-and-a-half stars based on more than 200 reviews.


Empire seasons one and two ($2.99/episode or $14.99-$19.99/season)

We called season one “soapy and delicious.” Pretty perfect for a lazy weekend.

Apple slicer and corer ($7.07)


We have one of these at Onion Inc. headquarters, and can confirm that it is wonderful.

Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run ($14.99 Kindle, $19.50 hardcover, free audiobook with Audible trial)

“Baby this town rips the bones from your back / It’s a death trap / It’s a suicide rap / We gotta get out while we’re young / ’Cause tramps like us / Baby, we were born to run.” A favorite song on A.V. Club karaoke night, the book’s supposed to be good, too. (The song “Born To Run” came out in 1975, but there’s still plenty to love in The Boss’ more recent music.)


Amazon Dash buttons (Free after the first press)

It gets pretty gross if you run out of cat litter.

@mysadcat Christmas cards ($11.75)


Speaking of cats, if you haven’t met The Bear, go follow him on Twitter, marvel at the whole world’s sadness in his eyes, and buy his sad Christmas cards. (You can also pick up Tom Cox’s latest wonderful book, Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind. Caitlin PenzeyMoog called it “Poignant, funny, and thoughtful … Reading Cox is like receiving a letter from your best overseas friend.”)