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Once Upon A Time should always just stick with Rumple

"I'm the best character on the show!" (Photo: ABC)
"I'm the best character on the show!" (Photo: ABC)
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  • It is palpable how much better this show is when it focuses on Robert Carlyle almost exclusively. Not that anyone was really dying to get back to the Ogre Wars, but they offered a valuable flashback to Rumple and young Bae. Rumple has already lost one son, and has seen how dark magic can corrupt. Goody-two shoes Rumple is boring as dirt, but a Rumple that takes one as the Dark One to save his son from black magic? That we can get behind. They even threw a nice bullying parable in there. Well done, show.
  • Ha, Hook has to confide in Jiminy Cricket because pretty much everyone else he knows is related to Emma somehow.
  • Oh god, Belle and Rumple are going to get together again, aren’t they.
  • Regina’s decision to bring back nü-Robin seems even dumber this week than it did last week (but not as dumb as that beige hat). Doubt the show would let this happen, but I think it would be fun to have him hook up with Zelena and/or The Evil Queen to have it backfire on her.
  • Just taking the baby and pet snake out for a walk, like you do.
  • Emma and her “no secrets, no walls” relationship credo is going to come to a crashing disaster when Hook finally reveals his secret. Unfortunately, they’ll probably drag this on for weeks, and we have a while to go until the end of the season. But I really hate plots that just hinge on “keeping a secret/the secret is revealed!”