Welcome to Alex McCown and Josh Modell’s in-depth coverage of The Walking Dead, brought to you in a new “video podcast” feature we’re calling DVR Club Plus. For those of you wishing you could get more out of our weekly discussions of your favorite shows, we’ve heard your words, and are responding with lots more of our own. You can watch, or leave the video open in a background tab and listen, as Josh and Alex break down the second episode of season six, “JSS.” (And if people dig the DVR Club Plus conversations, we’ll start breaking out the audio separately as a real podcast, too.)

Those of you who have been waiting for Carol to get her own action movie essentially got your wish this week, as Alexandria’s resident “badass disguised as a den mother” gets hardcore on the invading Wolves. Also, Morgan continues his personal evolution, we meet the new town doctor, and Josh can’t get over how damn gory it all is. (But Alex loves it, the sick bastard.)