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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

As revealed back at Comic-Con in July, the upcoming season of The CW’s superhero drama Arrow has a big, meaty hook sitting in its quiver: a new team of projectile-based crime fighters, inspired by the world-saving work of Green Arrow Oliver Queen. Today, the network released a new trailer giving us a few more glimpses of Queen and his motley crew—which includes last-season additions Curtis Holt and Evelyn Sharp, and gun-wielding newcomer Wild Dog—as they train to take on the newest threats to the ever-endangered Star City.


Said threat appears to be centered on another new vigilante in town, a masked man with a crossbow and an apparent grudge against Oliver Queen. Between this new guy, Malcolm Merlyn, and all the evil speedsters on The Flash, The CW sure does like its shadow archetype tropes, but at least all the new training to fight his mysterious masked foe will give star Stephen Amell a chance to show off his American Ninja Warrior hopeful skills. Meanwhile, all the usual Arrow verbs—kicking, brooding, smooching, flashbacking—seem to be out in full force, promising the show’s fans more of what they love when it returns on October 5.

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