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Obama to blame for Lopez Tonight!

Thus far, President Obama has been blamed for a lot of terrible pop-cultural things, from hipster pot bellies, to a possible Independence Day sequel, to some VH1 show about responsible fathering, to pretty much every exhalation by Wil.i.am. And now Obama is being set up as the fall guy for George Lopez's new late-night talk show, Lopez Tonight.

From People:

People: Why do a talk show?

George Lopez: I was inspired by campaigning with Barack Obama and that message of inclusiveness and diversity. It's time for that change to come to TV.  

Yep. When America chose to elect Obama and his change-o-matic platform, they were basically saying, "Hey, you know who should be on TV some more? George Lopez." When will people learn that saying your stupid song/show/sequel idea/theory was inspired by President Obama doesn't make that stupid song/show/sequel idea/theory appear any weighter?

"Obama made me do it," just makes you sound insane. In short, Barack Obama is the demon-possessed dog that told George Lopez to brutally murder late night. That's Lopez's defense. Why, just look at the Obama-inspired Lopez Tonight! carnage:

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"Do it, Lopez! Do it!" President Obama whispered at George Lopez through his television set.  "Make an ad for your talk show where your face appears as a giant urine stain! I command you! Something something inclusiveness and diversity."

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