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Now the priests are hearing voices in new trailer for The Exorcist TV series

Comic-Con is well underway and now that some of the Marvel stuff is out of the way, you might as well check out the full trailer for The Exorcist TV show from Fox. The series stars Geena Davis as a single mother whose concerns for her daughter are about more than just the typical teenage rebellion stuff. She thinks demons are after her—she’s even heard voices in the walls of her home. So she enlists the aid of two priests played by Alfonso Herrera (Sense8) and Ben Daniels (Flesh And Bone, House Of Cards) to rescue her daughter from an eternity in hell, or whatever the consequences of demonic possession are these days.


Herrera’s priest is the “rising star” who might have to wrestle his ego along the way, while Daniels’ clergyman is of the “I’m getting too old for this Pazuzu shit” variety. But neither of them doubts the family, so they prepare for battle—one by getting a little too close to the troubled girl; the other, by remembering a time when he got knocked out by a possessed child. This is going to be a snap!

The Exorcist premieres September 23 on Fox.