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No minivan is safe in a new promo for You’re The Worst’s third season

Jimmy and Gretchen—the damaged stars of FXX’s darkly comic You’re The Worst—have made a few strides toward maturity over the course of the show’s first two seasons. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to let an absolute affront to their punk-rock misery lifestyles stand. That’s the theme of the latest promo for the show’s third season—set to debut on August 31—in which the two mete out a violent dose of street justice to a rolling symbol of suburban ennui: a bright blue minivan, complete with one of those obnoxious stickers that shows how many trapped family members it regularly transports.


Regularly transported, in this case, as the dysfunctional duo tears the thing apart as swiftly as they do their relationships with those they love. It’s a gleeful reminder that the often realistically bleak show isn’t all doom and gloom, as the pair triumphantly piggy back away from the smoldering remains of the once-cheerful embodiment of their deepest fears.

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