With its spinoff starting off on a pretty good foot, AMC wants to make sure we don’t forget about vanilla Walking Dead and its lovable crew of post-apocalyptic survivors. In order to remind us of their bright and shining faces, the network has released a new promo that basically amounts to “these are the people who survived season five, some of whom will probably survive season six.” It’s certainly moody, and it ends with Rick saying something dramatic (as all Walking Dead trailers must), but it definitely doesn’t tell us much about what horrors the gang will face next season. However, if trailers that actually tell you something are a little more your speed, AMC released a more information-heavy teaser earlier this summer. Or maybe this promo is more informative than we think, and all of season six will take place in a pitch-black room.

We’ll find out either way when the new season of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 11.