Previous previews for season seven of The Walking Dead established potential new hierarchies with the Kingdom and “Negan’s World.” But this latest promo introduces some more carnivorous beings to this already ravenous world—no, it’s not the tiger we saw before, or even the walkers themselves. The newest season of TWD has added some greedy pigs to the mix, which we see chomping on what’s either a walker or just some pour soul. It’s probably not one of the Alexandria bunch, who were all staring down the wrong end of Negan’s bat at the end of season six. We still don’t know who’s been eliminated by the latest villain, but it’s not Morgan or Tara, assuming this promo isn’t a glimpse into the past or a parallel universe.

Now that you’ve adjusted your bets in the Walking Dead pool, you can catch up with the show when the new season premieres October 23 on AMC.