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Syfy released a new trailer for its upcoming magical drama The Magicians today at the New York Comic-Con, showing off a ton of new footage of Brakebills College For Magical Pedagogy and its variously debauched inhabitants. And while the trailer doesn’t answer the single most pressing question for fans of Lev Grossman’s trilogy of novels—i.e., can star Jason Ralph do justice to the sheer, majestically sniveling awfulness of protagonist Quentin Coldwater as he appears on the page—it does give a clear hint at the tone the series will take. (If all the jump-cuts, intoxication, and magically assisted, mid-air coitus didn’t clue you in, the new tagline, “Magic is a drug,” just might.) It’s not all fun and games, though; the trailer also offers up our first look at The Beast, the human-shaped creature whose cruel amusement looms over Grossman’s first book.

The Magicians is expected to debut, aerial orgasms and all, some time in 2016.

[via Variety]


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