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New trailer for NBC’s Constantine is a nasty piece o’ work

We know some hardcore Hellblazer fans out there are still probably a bit irked by the changes that their beloved John Constantine has gone through in his transition to NBC, but we think this is one of those “pick your battles” situations. Sure, he’s not going to be smoking or having sex with men, but at least he’s not Keanu Reeves, right? Anyway, this new trailer—first shown at Comic-Con—focuses on the supernatural action and charming wit that NBC is presumably hoping will make Constantine a hit, but don’t get too attached to that one woman he keeps talking to. Also, in case anyone out there doesn’t know what a Hellblazer is and is disappointed that this show doesn’t look like the Keanu Reeves movie, please tell us how you’ve managed to live a life of such blissful ignorance. It must be relaxing.

Constantine premieres on NBC in October.


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