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New trailer for Fear The Walking Dead exposes L.A.’s pollution problem

AMC seems to have decided that the previous trailers released for its upcoming Fear The Walking Dead had either too much dialogue or too much running, because the newest thirty-second spot features neither of those things. Instead, it goes for “ambience,” which is a nice way of saying it’s basically just lots of shots featuring Los Angeles losing power, things on fire, and smog everywhere. Perhaps the most curious element is the enormous stretch of land in which someone has taken the time to spell out “FEAR” in flames. Who could have done such a thing? Perhaps after the apocalypse, the only ones left will be fans of L.A. hardcore? Or maybe installation artists make the best survivalists? Whatever the case, you’ll see a lot more of this city on fire come August 23, presumably with some requisite statements from the show creators about how Los Angeles is itself another character in the series.


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