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New trailer assures skeptical Fox viewers that The Gifted is a family drama

The first real trailer for Fox’s X-Men show The Gifted emphasized the idea of superpowered people who are hated and feared by pretty much everybody, but since then the network has sort of downplayed the whole X-Men angle. First, the show’s producers admitted that it not only takes place in a universe where the X-Men and Magneto’s Brotherhood have gone missing (meaning no big-name characters like Cyclops or Wolverine), but that there’s also basically no chance of it crossing over with FX’s own X-Men show Legion. Now, Fox has shared a new preview that strongly emphasizes the show’s central family over any superpowers, and it almost seems like an attempt to reassure any non-nerds that the show will be watchable even if you don’t know the difference between the X-Men and the Brotherhood.

Whether it’s really a superhero show or a family drama, The Gifted will premiere on Fox on October 2.


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