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New teaser for The Mist is dark, violent, and gruesome as hell

It may not have made our list of the 25 best horror films of the 2000s, but the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist certainly appeared on a few ballots. We got a look at the first full trailer for Spike’s new television series based on the novella last month, and it suggested some intriguing changes that help to justify turning the narrative into an ongoing story. And now, there’s a new teaser, simply titled “Destruction,” that assuages any concerns the show would lessen the gory visceral impact of its source material. Which is to say, this thing looks very gruesome, indeed. There are faces with large holes in them, a variety of metal instruments ripping open flesh, and at least one giant monstrous limb that looks ready to do some serious damage. It’s gross, is the general bullet point here, meaning those with weak constitutions or who find sprays of arterial blood to already be a bit much are advised to steer clear. The rest of you deviants, tuck in. The Mist premieres June 22 on Spike.


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