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New Silicon Valley trailer debuts Stephen Tobolowsky and the world’s worst jacket

We’re getting close to the April 24 premiere of the third season of HBO’s Silicon Valley, meaning it’s time for a new trailer hinting at elaborately constructed dick jokes and Thomas Middleditch flop sweats. The new promo asks us us to once again pretend to care about who’s in charge of tech startup Pied Piper (which, in the words of investor Suzanne Cryer, is now “too valuable” for Middleditch’s Richard Hendricks to run), as the price for getting to see T.J. Miller with a unicorn strapped to his crotch.


We also get our first real look at Stephen Tobolowsky’s “Action” Jack Barker, the heavy hitter that now serves as the company’s CEO—although he’s mostly just there for Miller to bounce a bunch of oddly specific “old guy” jokes off of. (Shout-out to Perkins Family Restaurants!) Most importantly, the trailer debuts the spectacle of gawky genius Zach Woods managing the impossible and out-awkwarding even himself, in a monogrammed Pied Piper jacket so hideous that it can never be unseen.

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