Ensuring that Mad Men-loving four-year-olds are never far from their requisite Jon Hamm fix, HBO has released the first trailer for its newly acquired Sesame Street, complete with the steady stream of celebrity cameos that have kept kids tuning in to the classic educational program year after year. Besides Hamm (shilling for the letter O in classic Don Draper style), the new trailer also shows off appearances by Pharrell Williams, Tina Fey, and Usher, all lending their famous faces to offer the show a little bit of name recognition. (Or maybe they just wanted to meet Cookie Monster, an urge it would be hard to fault any living human for acting upon.)

Other than all the famous people—whose appearances are certain to lead to a lot of rewarding parent-child conversations about the Marcia Clark jokes on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt—the trailer confirms that the change of venue—which will see new (and classic) episodes start airing on HBO in January, before making their way to PBS six months later—hasn’t altered the show’s DNA all that much. Oscar, Big Bird, and the tyrant Elmo are all still in attendance, after all, offering gentle lessons in phonics and personhood from their smiling felt mouths (although, owing to the fact that this is a video published on the internet in 2015, the trailer does include a few mandatory references to Star Wars).