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New Riverdale trailer asks: What if Jughead came to Twin Peaks?

The CW’s new Archie-adaptation Riverdale is wearing its influences on its letter-jacketed sleeves, apparently, with the latest trailer for the show dropping a ton of references to David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks. There’s the opening shot of the Riverdale town sign, for a start, followed by a dead teenager being pulled out of the water. (Plus, a bunch of rampant sex and violence and the like.) Of course, it remains to be seen how far Riverdale is willing to commit to its homage to Lynch’s soon-to-be-revived cult classic: a long digression on silent drape runners? Jughead, trapped forever in a wooden end table knob? A supernatural explanation for Archie’s weirdly vibrant hair? We’ll know more, presumably, when Riverdale comes back into style on January 26.


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