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New Nathan For You trailer introduces secret chili and asexual computer repairs

It has been far too long since America’s small businesses had the benefit of Nathan Fielder’s insights, but his Comedy Central series Nathan For You is finally returning at the end of next month and the network has just released a trailer that teases some of the amazingly innovative ideas he’ll be coming up with this time. There’s some kind of chili suit that allows Fielder to dispense secret chili during sporting events, some kind of Mr. Robot-style conspiracy to bring down Uber, and—in a moment that just might produce one of the all-time great reactions to one of Fielder’s weird schemes—a “blues smoke detector.” This teaser also introduces some kind of dramatic storyline involving the show’s resident Bill Gates impersonator and an attempt to reconnect with a lost love/stalking victim.


The new season of Nathan For You will premiere on September 28, but the show will also have a one-hour special that airs on September 21 and will feature follow-ups with people who have appeared on previous seasons.

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