Hey, what do you want to do before you die? If you answered, "I want to friend a dream," you're both infuriating and out of luck because MTV says you can't friend a dream. Sorry. Maybe you should fake a terminal illness and get the Make A Wish foundation to upload a profile picture of a baby in angel wings asleep on a cloud and create a Facebook profile for "A Dream," so you can add it as a friend. It's not exactly "friending a dream," but terminal-illness-faking, Make-A-Wish-foundation-swindling, infuriating inspiro-speaking beggars can't be choosers.

But if you answered, "Watch some aggressively earnest, reality-show approximation of The Bucket List on MTV, even though The Bucket List is three years old at this point and even Jack Nicholson didn't seem to enjoy it," then you can die with a freshly checked-off to-do list in your pocket because MTV made this for you:

Three things:

1. Presumably, "Go To Burning Man" is above "Fall in Love" on the To-Do Before The Sweet Merciful Embrace Of Death List because once your True Love hears you want to go to Burning Man, he/she will say, "Uh, nevermind. I don't love you. Never did."


2. The whole "Internet is not a substitution for real life" pose of this asinine show would ring a lot less hollow if it didn't come from a network that spends most of its time shouting "Tweet us ur thoughts!!" and "U want 2 get Real World DC text updates?!"

3. MTV is going to kill these guys at the end of this show, right? That's the only way to make it acceptable.