A new trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans was released at Comic-Con yesterday, touting the size of its IMAX premiere on September 1. Which is all very fine and good, but with some of the costuming still looking a little low rent, ABC and Marvel need to find a way to get audiences excited about the latest comic-book show to hit TV. Early on, perception of the show was as lackluster as Medusa’s locks—but this latest glimpse finally sees her ‘do spring into action, giving the show a slight boost. We also learn what’s making Maximus (Iwan Rheon) so peevish: He has no powers. Maximus is, as Medusa so snidely puts it, merely “human.” But he still means to rule Attilan, just as soon as he’s done getting smacked around by her hair.

Marvel’s Inhumans will have a two-episode IMAX premiere on September 1, followed by its ABC premiere on September 29. That’s a long wait, so to reward broadcast viewers for their patience, Jeph Loeb says the TV premiere will have more footage than the IMAX.