Zombies are people, too (albeit of a rotting, cannibalistic sort). Just like the rest of us, they like to spend their summers lazing about, eating too much, and—if the teaser for the new season of Fear The Walking Dead can be believed—bumming around on the beach. Capitalizing on the aquatic premise promised in the show’s first-season finale, the new promo sees Kim Dickens and her unlucky brood being forced to contend with the world’s bloodiest seaside picnic if they hope to survive.

Other than the change of setting, though, it looks to be business as usual for the zombie-fleeing franchise: people point guns at each other, undead monsters clamber against fences, and portentious voiceovers badly paraphrase Nietzsche. Still, at least now they’re doing it with a sort of tropical, Jimmy Buffet vibe, which should help the show’s second season stand out a little when it returns on April 10.