Ewan McGregor’s followed up his dual roles in Last Days In The Desert by playing brothers in Fargo season three. We’ve had a glimpse at younger brother and “cautionary tale” Ray, a balding, pot-bellied failure (according to his bio; we’re not here to judge). But this new promo introduces us to his handsomer and more successful brother, Emmit, who’s “The Parking Lot King of Minnesota.” He’s reportedly been just as lucky in love as in business, so there’s bound to be some bad blood between them.

FX also released a spot that highlights Carrie Coon’s character Gloria Burgle, who, despite being the law in town, can’t get any respect from an automatic door. Let’s hope she’s a better sleuth than she is a walker, because a third spot shows her stumble upon something mysterious in the road.

Fargo season three premieres April 19 on FX.