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New Empire season three teaser reminds us Cookie’s always been in charge

The Cookie Lyon Show—we mean, Empirereturns next month for a third season of rhyme and punishment. Season two ended with an actual cliffhanger (okay, a balcony dangler), and this new season will see the Lyons ward off yet another outside threat while also dealing with their family drama. But, as the teaser reminds us, the family’s never really in any danger as long as Cookie (Emmy nominee Taraji P. Henson) is around. “When I see the fire in your eyes, I know we’re good,” Lucious sighs. And there really isn’t anything the music mogul can’t do, except give up on her conniving ex-husband and Empire co-founder.

Empire’s lined up plenty of guest stars for season three, including Taye Diggs, Kid Cudi, and Mariah Carey (much to our and Lee Daniels’ delight). The drama returns to Fox on September 21.


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